Guide to using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

If you run a jewelry store, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your merchandise looking shiny and polished all the time. And because some jewelry items can be quite expensive, they stay in your store for a long period, because people may not afford to buy them. However, you have to keep them in top shape, because you never know when someone may be interested in that particular item. Therefore, you should think about investing in a tool to help you luster the products you are selling. You may have noticed that some stores advertise special hypersonic cleaners that are supposed to remove dirt and other impurities from jewelry items, but what exactly are these cleaners and how should you use them?

How it works

A device such as the Ultrasonic Cleaner by Hilsonic is designed to remove impurities such as dust and dirt from jewelry. Using the cleaner is simple:

  • First, place the jewelry you want to clean in the tank
  • Fill the tank with a special purifying solution
  • Turn on the supersonic cleaner
  • The motor will start to produce silent-sound vibrations. These vibrations will get rid of the dirt from silver, gold and other such metals. Thanks to the vibrations, all impurities are removed, including the ones from areas that are normally hard to reach with a cloth or another cleaning tool!

Best cleaning solutions for ultrasonic cleaners

You can buy a cleaning solution especially designed for jewelries from the local store. But, if you want to obtain the best results, then you might want to look a bit more and find something more heavy duty online. Read some reviews to find out what solutions are the best at removing stubborn dirt signs. Also, if a little DIY project doesn’t bother you, you can prepare the cleaning solution by yourself. You can fill device tank with water, then add in a mix of ammonia and dishwashing liquid. The downside of this method is that the ammonia and dishwashing liquid might not mix well from the beginning, so you should turn on the cleaner and leave it on for about 10 minutes without adding anything in. This will homogenize the cleaning liquid.

Tips for efficient cleaning

The first thing you have to do is to heat up the water, because many people ignore this aspect. In case you purchase a model that already comes with a heater, you will not have to worry about this aspect. However, you should know that these models are much pricier than the standard ones. You do not have to boil the water, you only have to heat it up and mix it with the other solutions. After you mix the solution, you should place the accessories inside. Try not to cram everything all at once, because the items will get scratched and you don’t want that. Based on the desired degree of cleanliness, you can adjust the run time of the device. Don’t rush to take the items from the cleaner as soon as the program ends, you should leave them in the solution for another 10 minutes. This way, the impurities will settle at the bottom. If you still don’t feel that your items are sparkling clean, you can proceed to clean them with a special brush. In addition to getting rid of any last trace of dirt, this step will also add extra shine. No rinsing is required, because traces of cleaning solution could still be left on them.