The world’s best selling product revealed

Tobacco manufacture is regarded to as one of the most gainful businesses of today. Like it or not, tobacco products are named the world’s best-selling goods. And though cigarettes became a part of lifestyle several decades ago, the overall tobacco consumption dynamics is shocking. Pursuant to the recently published researches, cigarettes sales amount in the UK has jumped to 39.9 bn. cigarettes per year.

Cigarette, a French word, translates as ’small cigars’, a piece of paper, generally with a filter, and stuffed with tobacco. For almost a hundred years the paper applied in the mass-production of cigarettes is prepared from flax fiber, a substance comprising 15 – 35% of calcium carbonate. By its properties, tobacco burns slowly; that’s why, adding materials that accelerate combustion is usually turned into account.

According to historical references the indigenous habitants of the New World back in the first century BC utilised tobacco for treatment and ceremonial purposes. Thanks to a grand Columbus voyage, the plant was adopted in Europe and its new epoch started. The first-ever products, partially resembling of modern analogues, were originated in Spain and the Mediterranean countries. And here is another historical event related to cigarettes popularity rise: the Crimean War, whereas Russian troops and Turkish military men utilised bullets liners to make ciggies and smoke. The Brits have taken advantage of this approach and contributed to its spreading across the globe. Another essential aspect increasing the popularity of cigarettes in USA was the introduction of the appliances that stowed tobacco shells. Shortly before, a selection of new species of bright tobacco, like White Burley, were revealed to public.

During the first decades of the twentieth century a ferocious duel between cigars and cigarettes was in full swing. A more accessible product won, and its dominance was secured during World War I – the cigarette interest growth period, when cigarettes were supplied by tobacco manufacturers. Moreover the fact is partially explained by ​​emancipation trend that was on the rise. As fair sex has started occupying a new role in communities, cigarette producers in their turn have quickly upgraded their ranges of options with cigarettes for female half of society.

Cigarettes harm your health – it’s a widely known fact confirmed by a multitude of researches. Nevertheless there is plenty of myths out there perceived as truthful. Here’s a bright example: mild cigarettes are less harmful to your body. Hence, they are quite trendy among female smokers and people trying to quit smoking. Indeed, the volume of harmful toxic these is lower. In addition, the filters in these ciggies produced with more holes, providing extra air flow, which helps to dilute tar and nicotine. Nevertheless, the problem is that the poisoning effect is provided by specific doses of these substances, therefore the actual content of harming constituent elements is no longer imperative. Therefore, these cigarettes still damages human health.

Here is another misconception worth considering: herbal cigarettes are manufactured with zero tobacco, so they are not harmful to your organism. However, it is has little to do with reality. In accordance with in-depth publication on herbal cigarettes at Herbal Health, a competent UK-based natural well-being startup centering on healthy life products, this kind of cigarettes has a destructive impact on human body too, largely caused by products of combustion.